Custom Computer Cases
Laptop Engravings
Your laptop can be personalised with a unique graphic or photo engraving in the lit, screen trim, or palm rest. We have hundreds of designs to choose from or you can supply your own design. Our graphic designers can also create totaly new designs for you based on your ideas.

Custom PC Panels and Bezels
Gaming enthusiasts love to have a stylish case to house their valuable hardware. Now you can have a totally unique and customised case for your system! We can create detailed cutouts for windows in side panels, engrave the metal case, or also engrave into the transparent panels to give great effects when lit. We can even modify or build custom heatsinks which will really make your system unique! Either tell us what you are looking for or provide us with a drawing and we will do the rest!

Security Marking
We can engrave unique identifying information such as a postcode or company name on almost any part of a PC, laptop, iPad, Tablet computer, or mobile phone. This can help to reduce theft, or increase the chances of having it returned if lost or stolen. The engravings can be made inside the deviceso they are not normally seen, or they can be placed in a visible location to act as a deterrrent. Unlike, UV markers, an engraving is not easily removed which offers a much more reliable security marking.

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