Get a professional quality signs for your business premesis cut from a wde range of avalable materials. From name badges to electronically lit, interactive displays, Alsager coputers can create custom engravings, cutouts, and display systems to suit your needs.

A custom made house number or trophy makes a wonderful unique gift. They can be carved in wood, plastic or metal, and finished with paint or left to show the material.

The image on the left shows a plaque engraved in aluminium with a brass coloured anodised coating. The engraved metal is then mounted on mahogany for good finish. Anodised aluminium is available in a wide range of colours and can have a gloss or satin finish.

On the right shows a sign engraved in a durable plastic material which is ideal for indoor or outdoor use. These signs are very hard wearing and are also available in a wide range of colours.

All our signs and panels can also be cut into any shape, integrated with other materials, and even include embedded electronics!

Driftwood Sign Engraved GiftControl Panels
We create a range of electronic control panels for machines and devices. We can cut panels to size, make cutouts for controls and indicators, and engrave or label the controls. We can also create cutouts in boxes or existing panels to suit your needs.

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