Computer Repair and Maintenance

PC and laptop repair services from Alsager Computers

Virus-removal-alsagerWe know how frustrating it can be when your computer is not working right or just generally going slow, but being without it while it is repaired may also be inconvenient. That’s why at Alsager Computers we will endeavour to get your PC repaired and back to you ASAP. Most repairs can be completed the same day, so if you drop off your computer in the morning, you could have it back by the end of the day. If you are unable to bring in your computer, just call us to arrange for an engineer to visit your home. If it cannot be repaired in your home, we will take it away, then return it when it is back up to speed.

One of the most common causes of PC crashes and ‘slowdowns’ these days is virus, adware, and spyware infections. This combined with the build-up of junk files and software can really clog up your system and leave it performing poorly. Common symptoms might be slower computer responses, extra popup adverts when on the internet, or your homepage has changed. There are also many other effects of this malicious software that can become very annoying and increase the risk of losing data.

Most computers will have antivirus software installed, but the most popular ones are often not effective enough. Software like McAfee and Norton are well known due to branding and advertising campaigns, but in our experience, they can cause more problems than they solve. Often manual removal is required for the most malicious malware infections. We can find you the best software and configure it for you. We will also show you how to avoid further infections in the future.

Some viruses block access to the computer and try to frighten users into paying a “fine”. There are many variations of this, most claiming to be from some police force, and some even capturing your photo through your webcam. It is a complete scam, and paying the fine will still leave the virus in place to steal your passwords, credit card information and any other private data that may be on (or typed on) your computer. This can be tricky to get rid of properly and parts of it may still run invisibly in the background if not removed properly.

This is just one example of the thousands of viruses out there. We are highly experienced in removing them and improving your computer security to help you reduce the chance of getting further computer viruses.

Most issues can be fixed simply by having your computer serviced. We recommend you have your computer fully serviced at least once per year as this will prolong its useful life and keep it running smoothly.

Get your computer serviced regularly. Just bring it into the shop or call us on 01270 747 008 if you want to speak with us first.

Privacy and Confidentiality is assured. We respect your privacy and will not browse any parts of your computer that are not necessary to complete the repairs. We know your computer may contain files used for business or personal purposes. We guarantee that they will remain private and confidential. If required, we can back up your files in encrypted file containers in a remote location for extra security.

We offer a thorough diagnostics and repair service for PCs and Laptops in the areas around Alsager, Rode Heath, Church Lawton and Crewe. We can diagnose and repair any hardware problems such as faulty circuits, replacement screens, chargers, power sockets, software and hard drives. 

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